300 Hour RYT

Course Breakdown (after completion of accredited 200-hour RYT program) :

Phase One: Apprenticeship
Phase Two: Study & Practicum
Phase Three: Personal Development, Research & Outcome

100 hrs: Apprenticing a 200 hr program
30 hrs: Co-facilitate BHTTS Anatomy & Alignment Module 
30 hrs: Co-facilitate BHTTS Assisting Module
60 hrs: 25 hours teaching group classes, 25 hours assisting classes, & 10 hours of mentorship and/or live coaching
25 hrs: Electives
25 hrs: Create & deliver a program
30 hrs: Research paper


The first and most important part of your 500-hour training! Participants will be required to apprentice a 200-hour training. The intentions for the apprenticeship are:

For the teacher to get "on the other side" of participation and understand the course curriculum and experience it from the eye of an observer, vs. participant. This gives the teacher an entirely new perspective of teaching. Apprentices often report that they discover many blind spots of their own, seeing their habits and learning curves in other, newer teachers.
To learn how to coach and train teachers.
To understand the Business of Yoga.
To become mentors, assistants and leaders of a high-performance team.
To have an opportunity and a platform for creation and execution of their own "specialty topics"
To receive live feedback and leadership skills from educated and experienced senior teachers.
To create and generate new ideas for future programming.


Participants are required to co-facilitate  BHTTS Assisting Module and Anatomy & Alignment Module. In addition, 25 hours of live teaching and 25 hours of live assisting is required. 24 of these hours, (24 assisting and 24 teaching) can be completed offsite (at other studios/venues) with documentation (teaching/assisting log will be provided and require studio director signature.) A minimum of one hour teaching and one hour assisting must be completed on-site, with mentorship, at Indigo Yoga.  300-hour participants will be required to accumulate 25 hours in elective credits. Electives will range in price and CEU credits. 


In this phase, participants will be required to create and execute a program, event, workshop or a training module to be delivered within the timeframe of the training or shortly thereafter. With the help of the BHTTS Facilitators, participants will learn how to plan for, research for, market and deliver a powerful program. In addition, a 5000-word research paper on a chosen specialty topic is required and due no less than 6-months after live program completion.

300 HR Training Dates / Completion Timeline

The dates and scheduling of the 300-hour program are determined by what 200-hour session the participant chooses to start with as an apprentice (or Phase 1) and follows the same dates and scheduling of that particular 200-hour certification. 

The 300-hour Certification must be completed within 24 months of start date. If a participant exceeds the 24-month timeline, the certification must be taken over in its entirety with no refunds or credits toward future trainings/certifications. 



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