Indigo Yoga

Teacher Training Schedule


Weekend Modules

Module One: Personal Practice and Development - 1/20 - 1/22

Module Two: Sequencing and the 'Why' of Journey into Power - 2/17 - 2/19

Module Three: Applied Anatomy & Technical Alignment - 3/24 - 3/26

Module Four: Assisting - 4/28 - 4/30

Module Five: Putting It All Together: Live Teaching - 5/12 - 5/14

5-Month Training: One weekend a month for 5 consecutive months  

Fridays 1pm-9pm
Saturdays 8am-6pm
Sundays 8am-5:15pm    

Summer Intensives

    18-Day Summer Immersion: 5 modules in 18 days (with one day off in the middle)

        Session One 
(Modules 1 & 2): 7/5-7/10
        Session Two (Modules 3, 4, & 5): 7/12-7/20

        8am-6pm each day, some days may have a slightly modified schedule


The 200-hour Certification must be completed within 24 months of start date. If a participant exceeds the 24-month timeline, the certification must be taken over in its entirety with no refunds or credits toward future trainings/certifications.

100 Hours     Techniques, Training and Practice
20 Hours    Teaching Methodology
20 Hours    Anatomy & Physiology
20 Hours    Yoga Philosophy, Lifestyle and Ethics for Yoga Teachers
20 Hours    Practicum (Practice Teaching and Assisting)
20 Hours    Elective and Non-Contact Research

As of 2016, BHTTS will now be offering certifications in what we call an "Interchangeable Module Format." Because people have very busy schedules and cannot often commit to 5 consecutive weekends per month or 18 consecutive days in the summer, we are now offering the option to "make up" a module either in the summer session or the following year. This allows participants to take the training at their pace, on a timeline that works for them. The summer session will follow the same schedule as the 5-month session in 18 consecutive days. 


500 HR Training Dates / Completion Timeline

    The dates and scheduling of the 500-hour are determined by what 200-hour course the participant chooses to start with as an apprentice and follows the same dates and scheduling of that particular 200-hour certification. All of the remaining requirements either follow the dates and scheduling of the chosen elective or 3-day immersion/module or are scheduled independently.

    The 500-hour Certification must be completed within 24 months of start date. If a participant exceeds the 24-month timeline, the certification must be taken over in its entirety with no refunds or credits toward future trainings/certifications. 

500- Hour Course Hours Breakdown:

Phase One: (100 hours)
Apprentice 200hr

Phase Two: (120 hours)
- Co-facilitate BHTTS Technical Alignment Module (30 hours)
- Co-facilitate BHTTS Assisting Module (30 hours)
- 25 teaching hours (group class) / 25 assisting hours / 10 hours of mentorship and/or live coaching (60 hours)

Phase Three (80 hours) 
- create and deliver program (25 hours)
- research paper (30 hours)
- 25 hours of Electives ($750) (25 hours)



Immersion Details


Students must come fully prepared for the training as it is an IMMERSION. Students are asked to bring meals, extra clothing and all that they need for the entire process, and to communicate clearly with their families that they will not be available to attend portions, arrive late or leave early. So that means, have the groceries bought, the laundry done and day bags packed!

In the off weeks, students will be expected to practice daily, in-studio at least 3-4 times a week.  Additionally, students will be expected to complete homework assignments.

There will be one full practice that the entire training group will attend each training day.



100% attendance is mandatory and necessary to complete the training and grant certification. 

100% attendance is required. Certification will not be granted if 100% attendance has not been achieved.


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