Kelley Moore



Kelley is one of the newer additions to the Indigo staff, and has already made a deep, powerful impression on her coworkers and students. She holds a bachelors degree in Business Administration from Tarleton State, and worked as a stylist in a men's salon until she realized an important detail: she wasn't happy. Kelley began work at Indigo in early 2017, and immediately found the community she wanted.

"We truly are a family, staff and students alike," says Kelley. "It's been such an amazing experience to see people rally around others as they go through highs and lows in their lives."

As an indispensable component of daily operations, Kelley's gift is to honor the presence of others. Everyone around her feels important and acknowledged, and Kelley takes the time to learn every student's name and personal needs. As a liaison between students and teachers, Kelley makes sure that both sides have the tools and support they need to achieve anything.