Alisa Via-Reque

Alisa Nichole

Certified 200 RYT

In 2012, Alisa Via-Reque moved to Texas, got married, and started a new career as a corporate nutritionist in Dallas. While all of these life changes brought a certain amount of excitement and possibility, they also contributed to the stress of adaptation. That same year, Alisa discovered Indigo Yoga.

"I wanted to find an activity that would quiet my mind and make me forget about my worries," says Alisa. "Practicing yoga accomplished those goals, plus it provided a killer workout."

While practicing at Indigo, Alisa noticed something else: the teachers. Not only were the teachers knowledgeable about the practice, but they also taught in a way that inspired her to move outside of her comfort zone and relax into each pose.

In 2016, Alisa earned her 200-hour RYT from BHTTS. Her goal with teaching is to equip students with the tools to safely advance their physical practice and push themselves to where growth becomes possible.