Susana Zepeda

Susana Zepeda


Originally from Mexico, Susana has found success in the United States as both a business owner and yoga instructor. Before she climbed the summit of her achievements, however, she needed a little inspiration — and found it in an old saying of her father’s:

“Aqua que se estanca se pudre,” says Susana. “It translates as ‘stagnant water rots.’ I was in a good place with my company and my beautiful daughter, but I realized I needed to get out of my comfort zone if I wanted to grow.”

Yoga, which Susana had begun to practice while pregnant, encouraged her to confront two primary fears: public speaking and the reconciliation of painful relationships in her past.

“Yoga has no language, and what it teaches is universal,” says Susana. “As an empowering energy, it can change lives and teach people to control their minds and bodies.”

The study of yoga has led Susana to the achievement of personal milestones such as leading classes, and also shown her the way to inner peace. A 200-hour RYT, Susana now fearlessly shares what she has learned, and continues to grow through workshop attendance and the pursuit of her 500-hour certification through Brooke Hamblet Teaching Training. She has also completed extensive study in assisting and anatomy including Level 1, Level 2, Art of Assisting, and Art of True North Alignment through Baptiste Yoga.