November 2021

There is no better gift you can give yourself or others than your presence - especially during the holiday season. That's why, for the month of December, we're encouraging you to commit to 30 practices in 30 days. Joining a daily asana or meditation class will ground you, calm you, and remind you the real reason for the season is connection, compassion, and presence.


December 1st - 31st 
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Celebratory Music + Flow on New Years Day 
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Food For Thought Yoga Store

If you've been enjoying the 'Yoga Food for Thought' pieces in the newsletter, you might want to check out Nicolai Bachman's The Path of the Yoga Sutras.

"For today's yoga student looking to take their practice “off the mat and into the world,” Nicolai Bachman presents The Path of the Yoga Sutras. By organizing Patañjali's yoga sutras into 51 core concepts that support the Western student in germinating and blossoming these potent “seed” teachings, Bachman has created a breakthrough tool for integrating yoga philosophy and practice, whatever your level of experience."

We carry this book both in-studio and through our online store at