March Newsletter

Looking for a new way to challenge yourself? 
Look no further than YOD STRONG...
...a NEW program where we challenge you to take eighteen YOD classes in eight weeks!

YOD (Your Own Determination) is a uniquely designed sequence that offers a complete workout utilizing traditional yoga postures alongside high intensity interval training. 


YOD classes are every Tuesday and Thursday at 7am.
We will be adding a sixty-minute class at 1:30pm on Saturdays for the duration. of the challenge
All participants will be invited to a private Facebook group page where they will be given additional YOD workouts to support meeting the eighteen-class goal.
April 2nd - May 28th
$20 program fee 
Pick up your YOD class tracker at the front desk the week before the challenge starts
Everyone who completes the challenge will get a custom tank and 1,000 Perkville points

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The Foundry


Located in Inspiration Alley (200 Carroll Street, 76107), these one-hour, All Levels Flow classes will be at 10:30am on the first Saturday of each month (with the exception of May.) These classes are included in all of our memberships, or our $25 Day Pass. Be sure to bring everything you need for practice! 

Preregistration is requested as space is limited.

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Pose of the Month

ardha = half / chandra = moon / asana = pose

Half Moon represents the balance of the moon between its cycles, thus it is a dynamic standing pose that couples grounding with lightness, pushing with pulling (like the tide), to create equanimity.