May Newsletter

We want to see how you spend your summer! During the months of June and July, post a picture of you striking a yoga pose on vacation (including staycations!) for a chance to win a free month at Indigo. Be sure to include where you are and tag us - @indigoyoga

Happy Memorial Day

Memorial Day 

Music + Flow

We will have two Music + Flow classes on Monday, May 30th; 9:30am with Shannon and 4:30pm with Crissa. Both classes will be offered in-studio and via live stream. In-stusio space is limitied so be sure to sign up ahead of time!


nata = dance / raja = king / asana = posture

"Natarajasana (Dancer Pose or Lord of the Dance Pose) is a deep backbend that requires patience, focus, and persistence. The pose is named after the Hindu god Shiva Nataraja, King of the Dance, who finds bliss in the midst of destruction. Like its namesake, Lord of the Dance Pose embodies finding steadying calm within." - Yoga Journal