May Newsletter

Indigo celebrates 17 years in Fort Worth

You're invited to Indigo's Birthday party.  

Grab your friends and join the community at Indigo as we CELEBRATE 17 years.

Friday, May 12th, at 4:30pm.

After, stay for, community, cake from Roy Pope, and some samples from our friends at 817 Nutrition. 

Pose of the month for May at Indigo Yoga


VASISTHASANA (vah-sish-TAHS-anna)  

vasistha = most excellent, best, richest

asana = seat; posture


Pose type: Arm balance

Targets: Upper body

Benefits: No matter which version of the pose you practice, Side Plank can strengthen your wrists, arms, shoulders, legs, and core, including the difficult-to-reach obliques and the muscles that support your spine.

Basic Cues:

-Begin in Plank Pose. Bring your wrists slightly in front of your shoulders.

-Roll onto the outer edge of your foot and stack your top foot over your  bottom foot.  You can also scissor your feet or place your bottom knee down. 

-Reach through your heels, flex your feet, and lengthen your body to create a long line from your heels to your head.

-Reach your top arm up. 

There are so many FUN variations with side plank.  Enjoy the month of May creating and discovering!!!!

MONDAY May 29th Indigo celebrates Memorial Day

8 AM with Crissa 

9:30 with Shannon

Class is FREE to ALL Veterans and Active Duty Military. 

Memorial day music and flow for veterans

Our lobby has been recently updated.  We are EXCITED to provide our students with a new way to keep your personal items safe and secure while you practice yoga.  

New Lobby at Indigo Yoga