July Newsletter

Yamas and Niyamas Indigo Yoga

For the month of July we are highlighting the yamas (social, ethical restraints) and niyamas (self-disciplines) . They are the
first two limbs of the 8 limbs of yoga. These ethical principles guide how we relate to other people and how we take care of ourselves.

Rather than thinking of the yamas and niyamas as a mandatory “to-do list,” you can view them as invitations to act in ways that promote inner and outer peace and bliss. They also provide a mirror in which to study your practice and your Self. You get there through practice,contemplation, meditation, and working to transform yourself.

Check out 8:15am VIRTUAL meditation class Mon-Fri for a DAILY 15 min meditation on the yamas & niyams ALL JULY.

July Pose of the Month Indigo Yoga
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