Class Descriptions

Class Description

EDU = Educate, Discover, Understand. In this 120-minute class, students are offered a deeper look into a variety of topics including nutrition, energetics, mindfulness, yoga concepts and theories, philosophy, sound and music, stress reductions, athletic performance and much more. Classes are an additional $40 drop-in rate and space is limited (included in the Sapphire Membership). EDUs are subject to cancellation during BHTTS and Electives.


BASICS leads you through the Baptiste sequence, focusing on the basic poses. Explore poses and the transitions between them, receive extra guidance from instructors on safe and effective alignment, and learn how to modify your practice to suit your physical needs and the foundations needed to access more difficult poses.


Our Musication class (Music + Education) is a little learning and a lot of flow in just 60 minutes! For the first 10-15 minutes, students learn a specific "yoga nugget" that they can implement directly into their practice as they flow to great tunes with friends.


ALL LEVELS is your daily transformation. The All Levels class is suitable for everyone, regardless of ability, experience, age, or limitations. We focus on building vitality, equanimity, and stability, while also offering restoration and rejuvenation.


SLOW FLOW uses the same Baptiste sequencing components as our standard All Levels class and simply moves slowly to provide students the opportunity to move mindfully and explore the poses more deeply.


Our daily meditation classes are thirty-five minutes long and have a different theme each week. The instructor will teach you how to set yourself up to sit comfortably and sustainably, then you will be led through a ten-minute sit, then, after a short stretch and a chance to ask questions or comment on the experience, you will set again, this time a bit longer with more space for you to implement the technique taught in the first sit.


Led by our restorative team, these classes consist of two parts; the first part is a non-heated All Levels flow, followed by the second part, which is comprised of restorative yoga poses. Restorative poses are done by fully supporting the practitioner with bolsters, blocks, and/or straps, for a one-of-a-kind experience of relaxation.


MUSIC + FLOW thoughtfully crafts unique, thematic playlists that perfectly complement the Baptiste sequence to bring students one of our most popular experiences at Indigo.


In these empowering, 75-minute classes, you will learn variations for the sun salutations, twists, backbends, core work and more, so you may confidently take all classes on our schedule without fear or discomfort. During these sessions, you will be provided the supportive space to ask questions, ensuring you continue to have a sustainable practice throughout your pregnancy.