Class Descriptions

Indigo Yoga Class Descriptions

YOD stands for Your Own Determination. In these classes, we begin with traditional yoga postures, and then move on to twelve minutes of high intensity interval training. We touch on every aspect of your physical fitness, while creating mindfulness and awareness of your body. The class ends with traditional, restorative yoga postures and savasna.


The chill version of our Music + Flow classes, these 60-minute sessions on Sunday afternoon wind down your weekend and get you ready for your week ahead.


ALL LEVELS is your daily transformation. The All Levels class is suitable for everyone, regardless of ability, experience, age, or limitations. We focus on building vitality, equanimity, and stability, while also offering restoration and rejuvenation.


SLOW FLOW uses the same Baptiste sequencing components as our standard All Levels class and simply moves slowly to provide students the opportunity to move mindfully and explore the poses more deeply.


Our weekday classes are a user-friendly fifteen to twenty minutes long and have a different theme each week. The instructor will teach you how to set yourself up to sit comfortably and sustainably, then you will be led through a ten-to-fifteen minute sit, with a chance to ask questions or comment on the experience afterwards. 


MUSIC + FLOW thoughtfully crafts unique, thematic playlists that perfectly complement the Baptiste sequence to bring students one of our most popular experiences at Indigo.