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Caron Davies

Caron Davies


Physical activity has always been part of Caron’s life, beginning with dance lessons at an early age. In college, she began practicing yoga and, as she says, "I found it to be instrumental in healing and fostering growth in my body, mind and spirit, carrying me through my most significant physical injuries and life challenge events."

She became serious about ramping up her personal practice in 2015 at Indigo and went on to earn her first 200RYT with Black Swan Yoga in Dallas in 2020. She is currently in her second 200RYT training as she believes in being an eternal student. Caron enjoys sharing her love of Yoga and its limitless opportunities for healing with her students, and looks forward to growing in her teaching with the Indigo community. 

Off the mat, Caron loves spending time in nature and with animals. She currently has one dog, one cat, and is a proud “mother” to four Arabian Geldings she helped breed and raise. She can usually be found in the barn or on the trail with one of her horses. She likes to travel and often tailors her vacation trips to improve her relationships and skills with her horses at training clinics and hitting various trails across the state and country.