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Brooke Hamblet


Brooke Hamblet, a senior-level Baptiste Yoga Educator, is the Founder and Director of the Brooke Hamblet Teacher Training School, a Yoga Alliance-recognized 500-hour teacher certification program, and the founder of Indigo Yoga, established in 2005. She holds multiple yoga certifications at the 500-hour level. She considers her key logistic topics of education in yoga to be anatomy, alignment, subtle body energetics, and fascial stretch therapy. She has trained extensively with Baron Baptiste, Tias and Surya Little, Ray Long, Tom Myers, and Ann and Chris Frederick. Her key leadership topics of education for individuals and teams include personal development and coaching, high-performance leadership, empowered problem solving, self-inquiry and outward impact, team dynamics and culture management.

Brooke has taught well over 75,000 students at Indigo, and has trained and certified over 150 yoga instructors the world over, including nearly all of her 50+ teachers on staff at Indigo Yoga.

Many journeys and teachers have contributed to Brooke’s evolution, but none quite as powerfully as her experiences with Baron Baptiste. After over 14 years of study and training with Baron, Brooke has traveled to facilitate a variety of programs worldwide, both on behalf of Baptiste Power Yoga Institute, as well as her own BHTTS. Something that sets Brooke apart from other master teachers in the area is that she has taken the tried and true 200 and 300 hour curricula she has crafted over the years outside of Fort Worth and has trained, coached and certified teachers in other cities as well as in her own.

Armed with a B.A. in Communications, English and French, Brooke’s education and numerous trainings as student, assistant and facilitator have greatly contributed to the success of both Indigo Yoga and the training school. In all of these roles, Brooke has logged over 25 yoga and leadership programs with Baron Baptiste; 15 years of yearly training in anatomy/biomechanics, meditation, energetics and subtle body work with Tias Little, completed Landmark Forum and trained and mentored with other reputable teachers. Currently, she is an active participant in, moderator, and personal development speaker for Entrepreneur’s Organization. Along with coaching CEOs and entrepreneurs, Brooke locally coaches and trains licensed professional counselors in mindfulness, meditation, wellness and performance to use personally and professionally. 

Brooke’s role within BHTTS is the chief instructor and the curriculum creator. Her instruction provides a relatable and educational focus on sustainability, biomechanics, meditation, communication, and high-performance leadership. What makes Brooke exceedingly great at teaching teachers is her outlook; she says, “where teachers and students see pitfalls, doubt, or problems, I see potential. My job is to help them uncover and own that potential.” Brooke has a true gift for helping her students realize their blind spots and find their true gifts and talents by asking them to challenge their beliefs about themselves and others. Time and time again, participants in Brooke’s programs leave inspired to create possibility elsewhere in their lives.

When not at home parenting her two boys and running businesses, Brooke presents at yoga conferences, including the Yoga Journal Conferences and the YogaGames, and the Nordic Yoga Conference in Stockholm and Gothenburg, Sweden as well as running her offsite 200-hour teacher training school yearly in Chichester, England. In addition to her on-hand work at Indigo Yoga, Brooke travels extensively to instruct, train, coach, present and consult with teachers, students, studio owners, CEOs and entrepreneurs worldwide.