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Brandy Quinn

Certified 500 RYT

Brandy found an initial love for yoga after a surf instructor introduced her to it in 2002. By the time she walked into Indigo Yoga in 2015, she had been away from her practice long enough that she signed up for a Beginner's Workshop. When life presented an opportunity to pursue her 200-hour certification through BHTTS, she jumped. Since then, she's become a contributor to Indigo's outreach training, and went on to receive her 300-hour certification, also though BHTTS.

"For me, the most valuable part of my practice has been a development of awareness, presence, and a commitment to growth, " says Brandy.  "I am dedicated to providing space for students to discover this in their own lives."

When she isn't practicing or teaching at Indigo, Brandy is a professor in the College of Education at Texas Christian University. Brandy loves how the Indigo community has provided another way for her to teach, and how it has changed her teaching for the better in the traditional classroom.