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Tanya Charfen



Born and raised in Mexico City, Tanya has called Fort Worth home for 17 years. Exercise has always been a part of her life, from competitive swimming in college, to 10ks, half marathons, group fitness classes, and weight training. Upon her arrival to Fort Worth, Tanya picked up yoga as a way to stretch and complement other fitness routines.

"Little did I know that yoga is more than supplementary," says Tanya. "It gave me not only the cardio and challenge that I liked, but also showed me something that no other practice or exercise has ever given me – a willingness to love, listen to, and understand my body."

Today, Tanya shares with students the importance of nurturing their bodies, minds, and souls by practicing yoga. Though she's completed her 500-hour RYT with BHTTS, Tanya maintains a commitment to learning through her practice. Grateful to her teachers and their wisdom, Tanya is proud to be a part of Indigo's incomparable community.