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Jen Engel



Jen Engel proudly wears many different hats: award-winning sports commentator, Mizzou alumni, long-form blogger, mother, runner and born-again Texan, she credits one more identifier — Baptiste yogi — with changing her life.

“Baptiste yoga helped me lose 72 pounds after the birth of my daughter,” says Jen. “I saw improvements to my writing, sleep patterns, parenting and other relationships; basically every aspect of my life since that first class in 2010.”

A professional journalist, Jen operates by a simple credo: share what you learn. Her growth into a Baptiste instructor came as a natural evolution, another chapter in her quest for personal growth and adventure.

“I teach the kind of class I like to take — sweaty and challenging and hard,” says Jen. “I believe that challenges change us for the better.”

Whether hiking the Great Wall of China or running with the bulls in Pamplona, this sports journalist doesn’t know how to watch from the sidelines. As a 200-hour Registered Yoga Trainer, Jen has completed Brooke’s Hamblet’s Teacher Training, along with Baptiste Levels 1 and 2.