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Gamze Strain


Born in Istanbul, Turkey and raised in New Jersey, Gamze came to Granbury in 1995. A graduate of pharmacy school, she began a career alongside her husband at Granbury Drug. Outside of work and study, Gamze had always nursed a passion for fitness. 

"I grew up as a competitive figure skater," says Gamze. "I also skied and ran, and have always had a love of sports and exercise."

In 2014, hip-replacement surgery led Gamze to explore other types of workouts. When she discovered Indigo in 2015, she still struggled with stamina and strength issues. 

"I still had not regained my strength," says Gamze, "and I struggled with standing on my feet all day at work. Yoga made me stronger, built my stamina, and fueled a desire to immerse myself deeper into my practice."

This desire for a deeper relationship to her practice resulted in Gamze's enrollment in the Brooke Hamblet Teacher Training School. Now a teacher at Indigo, Gamze helps others discover new horizons of health, strength, and happiness through yoga.