Staff Popup

Macey Knight


Indigo Yoga recognizes in all its staff members dedication, high levels of capability, and a passion for Power Vinyasa. Age is just a number when it comes to yoga, and while that saying is generally applied to our elder practitioners, the benefits of practice leave their mark on younger yogis, as well. Currently a student at All Saints Episcopal School, Macey splits her time between friends, family, softball, and her practice at Indigo.

The youngest certified teacher on Indigo's team, Macey was introduced to the studio by her mother. 

"I liked the way it made me feel," says Macey. "I got stronger and more flexible, and noticed more mental stability. Yoga is something that helps me in everyday life, especially as a teenager."

Through her practice, this 200-hour RYT has connected with people of all ages. The studio at Indigo Yoga has become a second home for Macey, and she strives to share the benefits of yoga with her students and fellow community members. 

"It's always been about the people at Indigo," says Macey. "I knew through them that I love and wanted to teach yoga."