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Always up for an adventure, Carrie spent 10 years hauling her daughter and horses to rodeos across New Mexico and west Texas.  Once her daughter graduated from college, Carrie returned to school and completed a master's degree in healthcare administration. Challenged to celebrate her 60th birthday with a 10-mile hike to the bottom of the Grand Canyon, Carrie earnestly began to get in shape for the trip.  

Afterwards, Carrie kept up her workouts, but boredom with traditional routines led her to seek other ways to stay in shape. 

"I have a long history in trauma nursing," says Carrie. "Variability and high stress are common themes for me. The traditional concept of yoga as a calm and controlled activity did not fit with my work routine."  

Thankfully, on Mother's Day 2015, a gift certificate to Indigo set the stage for a long and serious relationship with yoga. 

"I found that not only are the asanas mentally and physically challenging, but the principles that underlay yoga make sense and bring order to chaos."

In 2017, this realization of yoga's comprehensiveness led Carrie to the Brooke Hamblet Teacher Training School. Today, she's delighted with her involvement at Indigo, and is proud to grow as a member of this rich community.