Staff Popup

Alli Carpenter


Alli, a Lubbock native, first attempted yoga at a local gym but was scared away by a teacher who yelled at her for taking a break to refill her water bottle. It wasn’t until years later, while living in Los Angeles, that a free first class offer led her to try again. Thankfully, this teacher did not yell at her, but rather took the time to really explain the physical practice. 


Alli came to Indigo after a friend tagged her in a post about a job opportunity at the studio. She began by cleaning the studio at night, which led to a front desk position, which led to her falling in love with the community and wanting to be more involved. Being a yoga teacher always seemed like a pipe dream to Alli because she didn’t feel “enlightened” enough and couldn’t stand on her head, but, as Alli puts it, “The community at Indigo helped me realize that I was capable of so much more than I thought.” She received her 200RYT with BHTTS in 2017. Since then, she’s been teaching at Indigo, at the TCU Rec Center, and at community pop-up events - including a regular gig at a local brewery! 


“This practice has shown me physical and mental strength that I didn’t know I had. It has changed the way I react and the way I interact and it has helped me adopt healthier habits both on and off of my mat.”


Alli is the proud mother of her cat, Tim Duncan. She also works as a receptionist at Fort Worth Barber Shop. In her spare time, she’s either binging a true crime show or trying to escape to anywhere with mountains.