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Helen Pine McPherson



At the age of 16, Helen introduced herself to yoga through a pair of VHS tapes. A former gymnast and athlete, her goal was to maintain her flexibility and sense of acrobatic movement, but without the impetus for organized competition. These first practice sessions, conducted in her bedroom without a mat, precipitated a 15 year journey through various methods and studios. That all changed in 2012.

“I was looking for a fun and effective way to get back in shape after the birth of my second child,” explains Helen. “A friend recommended Indigo. As the saying goes, I went in for a workout and stayed for the lifestyle.”

After an immersion into Indigo that included workshops, special events and challenges, and the 40 Days program, Helen set her sights on teacher training. The fall of 2014 saw her entrance — while seven months pregnant, no less — into the Brooke Hamblet Teacher Training School. Now a certified instructor, Helen takes what the Indigo community has given her and pays it forward in each and every class.