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Shannon Jones



As a yoga practitioner and certified Baptiste Yoga teacher, Shannon aims to channel life’s lessons through her instruction. Classes evolve organically, as Shannon seeks to empower students in not just their bodies, but also their minds and spirits.

“I learned years ago that to stand in nothingness is absolutely the best place to be,” says Shannon. “I have no set agenda, and aim to come from nothing when interacting on my mat and in relation to others.”

For Shannon, the ideal yoga class stimulates a student’s physical and mental capacities alike.

“I’ve faced challenges, both on and off the mat, that have molded and defined my character,” Shannon says, “softened my approach to myself and the world, and centered me closer to spirit. My desire for my students is to take them to their personal edges, and create space for growth and possibility.”

At the end of the day, Shannon identifies peace as her personal mission. Yoga becomes a moving meditation, in which the body breathes, the mind calms, and students and teachers alike can lean into the divine.