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Heidi Knight


For Heidi, dance provided an early entry into the benefits of movement and physical activity. Throughout her youth and college years, Heidi practiced several varieties of dance, including ballet, tap, and jazz. Her discovery of yoga, which occurred while on vacation in 2012, sparked an immediate fire. 
"We were on vacation in Aspen when I took my first yoga class," says Heidi. "I loved it, and when I got home and asked where to go, all my friends recommended Indigo."
Heidi's friends knew her well, and the mutual connection between her and Indigo Yoga developed at a record pace. Three-and-a-half years of practice preceded Heidi's decision to pursue teaching certification. 
"I originally pursued teacher training as self-inquiry," says Heidi. "After I completed it, I discovered that I wanted to share and teach others."
Heidi's students quickly come to appreciate two things: her enthusiasm and efforts to encourage personal growth. Her experience with dance brings a new element to her teaching, which Heidi, a 200-hour RYT, shares throughout the Indigo community. 
"At Indigo, I love the diversity of teachers, students, and classes, along with the consistency of a great workout," says Heidi. "For me, this community is not only about yoga, but about the experience of a woman growing throughout her life."