Staff Popup

Ashley Reese


“Yoga teaches me to find the inspiration in every challenge,” says Ashley, “and to accept the simultaneous joys of effort and ease.”

These words sum up the appeal of Baptise Yoga for this former lawyer. The legal world, though full of challenges, can fall short in terms of inspiration. Ashley wanted to do more with her life, and to promote a positive and powerful presence for the people around her. Luckily for Indigo’s students and community, she found a new calling in yoga.

“As a teacher, I strive to instill these lessons in my students,” says Ashley. “At the end of the day, I just want us to say we had fun and laughed at ourselves at least once.”

Plenty of laughs and a daily dose of inspiration; what else could a yoga student ask for? Ashley, a 200-hour Registered Yoga Trainer and graduate of Brooke Hamblet Teacher Training, keeps it all part of the flow.