When Amber first arrived at Indigo in 2014, the warm atmosphere and quirky, genuine teachers quickly drew her in. Yoga soon became a significant part of her everyday life, and the more she practiced, the more she experienced physical and mental growth. When Amber heard about Indigo's outreach program, she knew she had found a perfect fit. 

"I have a background teaching special needs, and I've always loved volunteering with youth, refugees, and the homeless," says Amber. "When I found out about Indigo's outreach program I had to get involved. I thought that if I could share the joy and wholeness that I get from yoga with those in need, my life would feel complete." 

This realization had a powerful effect on Amber, and inspired her to take the leap and invest in the Brooke Hamblet Teacher Training program. 

"BHTTS was the best decision I've ever made. I get the privilege of being a part of an incredible group of people dedicated to improving our community and helping others." 

For Amber, yoga has provided guidance through the best and worst times of her life. She credits it today with a personal transformation that has left her a better person. 

"My mission is to share my experience of Indigo with as many people as I can," says Amber. "Now I get to be that quirky, genuine teacher that welcomes someone on the first steps of their journey."