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Emily Augustat


A period of personal stress in 2005 led Emily to try yoga. 

"I joined the local YMCA and attended a yoga class," says Emily. "I loved how I felt when I practiced, so I kept going back."

In 2011, she attended her first class at Indigo, and remained a dedicated student for several years. As with many who take their yoga practice to a higher level, inspiration for this journey came through participation in the 40 Days Challenge. Quite simply, the practice of yoga every single day changed Emily's life.

"It made me realize that showing up on the mat was a way to reset and bring balance to my life," says Emily. "It helped me relax and release my stress in a healthy way,"

Emily decided in 2018 to take her practice to the next level through enrollment in the Brooke Hamblet Teacher Training School. Now a studio and outreach teacher at Indigo, Emily is excited to share what she knows with others.

"I love the Baptiste yoga sequence, the power of touch through assistance, and the Indigo community," says Emily. "I feel blessed to know people who encourage one another to never stop learning, growing, and striving to become the best versions of themselves."