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Jeka Sisco



Jeka first sought out yoga to achieve balance across a broadly athletic lifestyle. Within weeks, the practice relieved everyday aches, pains, and tight muscles.

"I was hooked," says Jeka. "Not only did my athletic performance improve, but also my mindset."

In 2016, Jeka began to practice at Indigo Yoga. After two years of this, the 2018 40 Days Challenge inspired her to uncover even deeper layers within her potential. This spurred a drive for even further development, and in July of that year, Jeka completed the summer intensive at Brooke Hamblet Teacher Training School.

As a certified integrative nutrition coach and program manager for Blue Zones Project, Jeka has worked hard to make Fort Worth one of the healthiest cities in the country. At Indigo, students can benefit not only from Jeka's skills as an instructor, but also the specialized knowledge that informs her personal drive.

"My true passion," says Jeka, "is to show others how to live their best life."