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Dustin Fockler



Dustin Fockler first joined the Indigo community in 2017 as a student. Deeply impacted through the practice and study of yoga, Dustin decided in 2018 to pursue credentials through Brooke Hamblet Teacher Training School. After his completion of the BHTTS 200 hour training, Dustin joined Indigo's teaching staff.

"My experience as a yogi, a teacher-in-training, and, finally, a certified teacher strongly suggests that, while I am deeply passionate about and inexpressibly grateful for what the practice, study, and teaching of yoga have been for me thus far," says Dustin, "I have only the barest inkling of what these things can and will become for me in the future."

As a part of the Indigo community, Dustin is continually humbled by the support and dedication of his fellow teachers and students. As he continues into his discovery of what the future holds, Dustin feels honored to serve in a teaching capacity.