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William Pine


A Fort Worth native, William Pine enjoyed an active lifestyle throughout his early life. Unfortunately, complications from job-related illnesses eventually forced him to suspend this active element.

"For seven years, I had to stay physically inactive," says William. "Practicing yoga could have ended with a hospital visit, thanks to bad reactions within my body."

Thankfully, William has now undergone successful treatment for his illness. With this barrier removed, he was able to finally respond to nudges from his sister, fellow teacher Helen Pine McPherson, and join classes at Indigo Yoga. William's body responded positively to the rehabilitative aspects of his practice, and yoga became a serious pursuit.

"Helen wanted me to pursue yoga to help rehabilitate my body," says William. "Later, Helen also talked me into Brooke Hamblet Teacher Training."

Throughout the training, William observed a wealth of positive changes in both himself and the other participants. Inspired, he made the decision to apply as a teacher for the studio. A devout believer in the healing powers of yoga and meditation, William has become an indispensable member of the Indigo community.