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Michael Walton


Michael became hooked on yoga after taking his first class in 2011 during his freshman year at TCU. He started scouring Groupon for class passes (developing a love for power vinyasa yoga along the way), and the next thing he knew, the president of his fraternity was yelling at him for drying his yoga mat outside the frat house.

A perfectionist, Michael found that he not only enjoyed “getting better” at the postures, but he also discovered the practice quieted his negative mental self talk.

“That’s when I started taking yoga seriously. I knew I had found something that worked for me.”

Ultimately, he registered for a 200-hour teacher training at another studio in town. The day before it was to begin, Michael told his wife he was feeling uneasy about his choice. She suggested he discuss his concerns with her friend, Indigo instructor Jen Villegas. That afternoon, he went to a class Jen taught and picked her brain about why she was a part of the team at Indigo Yoga. Satisfied by what he heard, he changed course and dove headfirst into the Indigo community. “And the rest”, he says, “is history.”