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Dr. Lori Williamson

Though injury led Dr. Lori to incorporate yoga into her life, a class with Brooke Hamblet is what got her hooked.

“I was first introduced to yoga after sustaining a running injury in 1993,” says Dr. Lori. “In 2003 I went to my first yoga class taught by Brooke Hamblet. I was hooked.”

Over the course of a 10 year practice, Lori credited yoga with the rehabilitation of her injury and improvements in her biomechanics. Her first class with Brooke revealed additional layers of potential, however, and changed the course of her practice.

“I followed Brooke as she transformed through the Baptiste teacher trainings, and I knew I wanted to experience that kind of transformation for myself,” says Lori. “What I didn’t realize at the time was how much yoga would create a new way of being for me, nor did I realize my desire to teach.”

Lori’s involvement with Indigo Yoga began at the studio’s outset, when she served as Brooke’s substitute. As Indigo has grown and matured, so has Lori in her own practice and expertise as a teacher. Among her many accomplishments, she has completed Levels 1 and 2 twice each, the Art of Assisting and All-Day Immersion workshops, and has even assisted Baron Baptiste in a master-level class.

“I plan to continue on my journey of transformation,” Lori says, “and teach my students and patients how to better care for their bodies and health.”