Staff Popup

John Cornelsen


John first arrived at Indigo in December of 2010. Little did he realize that this simple attendance for a daily workout would lead to a transformational personal and professional undertaking.

“I had practiced at various DFW studios for about a year,” says John. “After my practice at Indigo, I knew that I’d found where I wanted to be, and that yoga would become a part of my life forever.”

In 2013, John underwent training with Brooke Hamblet and the Indigo Yoga team. Through his newfound role as a teacher, he discovered a supplementary purpose to the practice that had already given him so much:

“My purpose in life is to inspire and empower others,” says John. “I am blessed to be able to fulfill that dream in many ways. What I love most about teaching yoga is when I can truly see my students, connect with them and watch the class unfold almost as if by magic.”

In his professional life, John owns Evolving Texas, a civil engineering company based in Fort Worth. As his belief in the mission of Indigo Yoga grew, John began to serve an advisory role that gradually blossomed into partnership and co-ownership of the studio.

“Yoga has changed my life,” says John. “Regular practice has given me clarity and enables me to take steps in that direction every day. If you find life to be busy beyond belief, take an hour and join us on the mat.”