YOD Strong



Looking for a new way to challenge yourself?

Look no further than YOD STRONG

YOD Strong is a new program where we challenge you to take eighteen YOD classes in eight weeks!

YOD, which stands for Your Own Determination, is a uniquely designed sequence that offers a complete workout utilizing traditional yoga postures alongside high intensity interval training. 

- YOD classes are every Tuesday and Thursday at 7am

- We will be adding a sixty-minute class at 1:30pm on Saturdays for the duration of the challenge

- All participants will be invited to a private Facebook group page where they will be given additional YOD workouts to support meeting the eighteen-class goal


• April 2nd - May 28th

• $20 program fee 

• Pick up your YOD class tracker at the front desk the week before the challenge starts

• Everyone who completes the challenge will get a custom tank and 1,000 Perkville points