Limitless Yoga Best of 2018 Live class
Today's Schedule
Westside schedule
8:00-9:00AM Baptiste All Levels Crissa Sigl
9:15-10:15AM Baptiste All Levels Jen Villegas
10:30-11:45AM All Levels EDU Brooke Hamblet
12:00-1:00PM Basics January Shannon
1:15-1:50PM Meditation for Beginners Veronika Martin
1:30-2:30PM Baptiste All Levels Joni Hart
3:00-4:00PM Baptiste All Levels Margaret Grado
4:30-5:30PM Baptiste All Levels Erin Tracy
6:15-7:15PM Baptiste All Levels Alli Carpenter
Sundance schedule
4:30-6:00PM Vinyasa Restorative (90 Minutes) Veronika Martin
The Academy
8:15-9:45AM All Levels 90m Brooke Hamblet
10:15-11:15AM Baptiste All Levels Taylor Matus
12:30-2:00PM Vinyasa Restorative (90 Minutes) Jen Villegas

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